Lucky Group
was founded in Taiwan as
Lucky Star Enterprise & Co., Ltd. in 1968.

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We epitomizes the term “Family Business”

More than 5 decades ago, Lucky was founded by the Yeh brothers who sought to create a business with traditional Taiwanese value, which emphasized on treating clients, employees and partners alike with respect and loyalty.

Today, we still carry the same familial spirit. Geniality and integrity are values Lucky still upholds to this day. With offices across the continents, including Taipei, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Guangdong, Los Angeles and representatives in different regions in the world, we strive to build a strong bond with people all over the globe to benefit the overall performance of the group.

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Our Vision

To be recognized as the top-notch expert in our industry as the reliable partner to do business with and to work for.

Our Mission

Unified by passion, we constantly exceed our customers’ expectations by understanding the market changes and customers’ growing needs.

We provide strategic services and competitive product assortments that enable us to achieve success for our customers as well as out own.

Our Values

Work with PASSION
Aware of CHANGES
Aim for GROWTH
Win as a TEAM
Our Journey